Step 1

The project starts on your land. Once you have your lot, the planning and design process can advance quickly.

Step 2

The next step is to get your lot prepared for construction. We will need to clear trees, level the land, and address other typical site issues.

Step 3

Once the land is prepped, we can begin to work on your foundation. There are various types of foundation depending on your needs. 

Step 4

After the concrete is set, the framing crew can begin the framing. This is an exciting time as you can see your home taking shape!

Step 5

Now that the framing of your new home is completed, the exterior windows and doors are installed and the underlayment is installed on the roof. The home is now considered to be “dried-in” or “weather-tight”.

Step 6

Once the home is weather tight, the floors and cabinets can be installed. Your house is beginning to look more like a home!

Step 7

The home’s exterior is also being completed now as well. Tings are starting to really take shape!

Step 8

Once all of the interior and exterior finishes are complete, the certificate of occupancy can be issued and the home is move-in-ready.

Welcome to your dream home!